Intern Program


For many years, UHAA-NCRC provided financial support to a UH student to spend the fall semester at the Smithsonian Institution. The scholarship included lodging and travel, as well as living expenses. This was a scholarship extended to a deserving UH student, in addition to similar scholarships defined under The Sarah and Francis Sogi Scholarship and The Hiram Fong Endowment.  In 2018, it was decided to end the UHAA-NCRC Scholarship, since enough funds were available to continue such a scholarship effort with the Smithsonian through the other two sources.  The program is now known as the Smithsonian Internship Scholarship Program and is managed by the UH College of Arts and Sciences.


In 2019, UHAA-NCRC established a new scholarship program with the University of Hawai`i.  It is known as the “UHAA-NCRC Scholarship” and is designed to provide educational financial assistance to a deserving fulltime UH student in the College of Arts and Sciences who is a non-resident of the State of Hawai`i but with a home or record from UHAA-NCRC’s geographical region (MD, VA, WVA, PA, DE, DC).  This will be an annual scholarship award(s) not exceeding a total of $3,000 per year. The intent is to encourage students from our geographical East Coast area to attend UHM. The first award(s) will be made in 2020. The program is being executed through the College of Arts and Sciences.


For many years, UHAA-NCRC has maintained a “lending closet” of items for UH students spending a semester in Washington, DC.  The lending closet includes comforters, pillows, linen, towels, and household items, things that they would have otherwise had to purchase on their own.  On their departure, items are cleaned and made ready for the next group of incoming interns.  This effort started and will continue with the Smithsonian interns, but now include the UH interns spending a semester in the Hawai`i Congressional offices.

UHAA-NCRC members also make every attempt to know our interns and involve them in many of our activities while they are here in a true `ohana atmosphere.