Recent Activities

2017 and 2018 UHAA-NCRC Board of Governors Meetings

Reception for President David Lassner, Dungarat’s Thai Restaurant, Falls Church, VA, February 26, 2018

Lei-Making and Lei Presentation, Washington, DC, June 9-10, 2018 (U. S. Botanic Garden and Emancipation Hall, National Capitol)

Welcoming Party for Incoming UH Students and their Families and Participation in Recruitment College Fairs, August-November 2018

Lei-Making Demonstrations at the “Ono Brewery 1st Annual Celebration,” September 19, 2018

University of Hawai`i vs. U. S. Army Football Game, West Point, NY, September 22, 2018

Other Area Activities in which UHAA-NCRC Members Have Participated

2016-03-20 – UH Basketball March Madness

2016-02-06 – UHAA NCRC Board Meeting

2015-06-07 – Lei Draping

2015-06-06 – Lei Making

2014-12-04 – Lassner Reception

2013-06-06 – Lei Making

Recurrent Activities

* Support for UH interns spending a semester in the Hawai`i Congressional offices and at the Smithsonian Institution. Support includes providing items from a “lending closet” consisting of linen (bedsheets, towels, pillows, comforters) and kitchen appliances. Students are welcomed to DC on their arrival, invited to participate in Hawai`i-associated events and assisted and wished a “bon voyage” on their departure.

* Participation in regularly scheduled activities of the Hawai`i State Society of Washington, DC, to include DC Cherry Blossom Festival events; the annual Kamehameha Lei-Draping Event in Emancipation Hall (Visitor’s Center of the Capitol); and various other gatherings and celebrations through the year.

* UHAA-NCRC represents the University of Hawai`i at the Kamehameha Lei-Draping Event by having members make a 11-12 ft. lei at the U.S. Botanic Garden at least a day prior to the Lei-Draping event. A second lei is also made to adorn the statue of Saint Damien de Veuster in Statuary Hall. All UH graduates and current and former students of the UH System are invited to join UHAA-NCRC members in the lei-draping.

* Participation in area High School College Fairs in the area with personnel from the UH Office of Admissions. UH student interns also participate in such events, sharing their personal experiences with potential students.

* Participation in special receptions involving the University of Hawai`i schools and colleges and courtesy visits to the offices of Hawai`i’s Congressional representatives.