2010 – Calendar of Events

February 27 ~ General Membership Meeting at the home of Karen Uemoto to elect a slate of officers for 2010 and to discuss the Golf Tournament, the 50th Anniversary of the East West Center and the visit of UH Presdient Greenwood.

May 5 ~ Dinner at China Gardens Restaurant, Roslyn, Virginia in honor of MRC Greenwood, University of Hawai’i President and Charles E. Morrison, East-West Center President, and in celebration of the East-West Center’s 50th Anniversary and in honor of the retirement of Dr. Franklin Odo from the Smithsonian.

September 4 The 2010 NCRC Interns: Camille Cabalo, Sarah Emerson and Theresa Worden arrived at Reagan National Airport.

September 17 ~ Thirteenth Annual Aloha Scholarship Charity Golf Tournament at Virginia Oaks Golf Club, Gainesville, VA [ MAP ]. 1:00 PM shotgun start... afterward in the clubhouse.

December 5 – Pot Luck  Welcome and Farewell party for the Interns at the home of Karen Uemoto and Dan Lehman